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"It is truly heartbreaking for me to see highly talented young people restricted from achieving greatness by financial, geographic and other constraints. The DGF is about helping to eliminate some of those barriers for the young people in our programmes, and motivating them to pursue their dreams."

− Daren Ganga, Chairman, Daren Ganga Foundation

"It gives me untold pleasure to see the present 30 scholarship winners continue to develop their skills in sports, music and dance with the ongoing professional coaching provided by DGF. With the help of their proud parents the winners also improve their school grades and social disciplines, becoming more impressive individuals by the day."

− Hugh Henderson, Chairman, Scholarship Committee

"The development of a society and a nation hinges on the development of youth in not only academia but sport and various other talents. This is the core principle which shapes each and every one of our programmes."

− Sheldon Ganga, President, Daren Ganga Foundation