The DGF...creating opportunities for young people to grow and pursue their dreams.

The Daren Ganga Foundation (DGF) was founded in 2007 and launched in 2009, to create opportunities for talented young people to grow, develop their skills and maximize their potential. It is the brainchild of Daren Ganga, former West Indies and Trinidad and Tobago cricketer, who was moved to create this eponymous organisation in order to create a platform for motivating and coaching youngsters to pursue their dreams.

The purpose of the DGF is to provide developmental opportunities for young people, supporting the realization of their full potential. The DGF executes this mission through its ongoing scholarship programmes, mentorship series, sports camps and financial assistance.

  The DGF is unique in both its intent and execution, in that its mission and vision are achieved through two strategic channels: the scholarship programme and the annual sports camps. Unlike other Foundations which raise funds which are then distributed to various causes, the DGF plans, coordinates and delivers these programmes itself, through its core and affiliate staff. The Foundation’s work is meticulously managed and streamlined, to ensure that all outreach activities positively on the lives of children, their families and by extension their communities. This, in essence, is the vision of the DGF: to motivate and inspire young people to reach for the stars, to become responsible citizens and to become agents of change in their communities, even from a very young age.

"Growing up with humble circumstances, it was often very difficult to access the resources I needed to purchase equipment and access coaching. I am grateful for the generous souls who helped me along the way. The DGF is my way of giving back, and playing that enabling role in the lives of children"

− Daren Ganga, Executive Chairman

"There is no greater feeling than knowing you have positively impacted on the life of a child. I see the progress of our kids in both their academic and curricular activities and I am honoured to be a part of this Foundation and what it stands for."

− Rishi Moonan, Vice President

"The Daren Ganga Foundation seeks to provide a vehicle for development of less fortunate young people by tapping into available resources, encouraging corporate citizens, mentors, role models, national heroes, professional athletes, coaches and volunteers to partner with the foundation to deliver top class quality programs to our deserving children."

− Sheldon Ganga, President