The DGF Scholarship programme is indeed unique and visionary. The purpose of this programme is to enable highly talented children, who may not have the means to pursue the further development of their skills in sports or the arts, through expert coaching and instruction, mentoring, financial assistance and mentoring. Many of the DGF scholars have gone on to achieve great feats in their chosen discipline. Most recently, two(2) of kids have represented Trinidad and Tobago in table tennis, and another is part of a nationally recognised chorale, performing at various state events.

Selection Process

Each year the DGF partners with the Ministry of Education to work alongside school principals in identifying potential candidates for the programme. Candidates must meet or surpass specific criteria in order to be eligible for the scholarships. Candidates are then screened and selected for the DGF scholarship for a duration of two (2) years, during which they are paired with the best coaches and instructors in their field. The DGF kids also participate in various life-skill development sessions throughout the course of the year, to further bolster their confidence, develop skills in other areas such as public speaking, financial management, time management and etiquette.