Expert coaching clinics in cricket and football

Each child an equal competitor...both on and off the field.

Mentoring by current and former national players and coaches


Sports Camps

One of the most important programmes in the DGF calendar is the annual sports camp. For the last six (6) years, these camps have been held in Barrackpore, hometown of the Ganga brothers. This summer camp provides an outlet for young people to engage in productive activity during the summer holidays. However, what sets it apart is that children enrolled in the DGF Sports Camps are exposed to the highest quality coaching and mentoring in football and cricket, with sessions by current and former national players and coaches. In addition a life-skills element is included, in keeping with the DGF’s strategic vision of promoting the development of well rounded citizens and leaders. Consequently, children are exposed to computer literacy training, as well as workshops in various disciplines which would no doubt serve them well both on and off the field. It is the intent of the DGF to expand the reach of these camps, so that this high quality programme may be offered to children across the country. For the first time in 2013, the camps included female coaching, and through important partnerships with the Tobago House of Assembly and various corporate sponsors, a one-day coaching clinic was held in Tobago in celebration of Nelson Mandela Day.

The camps are only possible through the generous contributions of our corporate partners and various private sponsors.

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