The Daren Ganga Cricket Coaching Series

On Wednesday, 23rd. July, 2014 the DGF launched our innovative and pioneering cricket instructional DVD, “The Fundamentals”; the first in a series of comprehensive video tutorials on the game of cricket. Daren Ganga’s appreciation for the importance of expert coaching for young people to develop proper form and technique from the onset, and his recognition that so many young cricketers may never have the invaluable experience from which he benefited early in his career motivated him to develop this instructional.
The Daren Ganga Cricket Coaching Series
This product is unique in both its scope and nature; all major aspects of the game are covered, and Daren delivers professional coaching through a variety of modern and interactive media including live demonstrations, interviews, animation and in-studio illustration.

It is formatted in easy to follow chapters which address the most important aspects of the game: The Pitch and Equipment, Officials, Players and Fielding Positions; Batting; Bowling; Fielding and Wicketkeeping. In each chapter the core tenets are explained and proper techniques and drills are demonstrated. Furthermore, the curriculum is brought to life with invaluable stories, tips and advice from some of the most iconic figures of West Indies cricket.

Through this DVD series, young, aspiring cricketers have the opportunity to receive one-on-one guidance and direction on proper technique in the comfort of their homes or classrooms, eliminating barriers to professional coaching which may include location, time and financial resources.It is versatile and can be used by the individual cricket enthusiast at their convenience, or in group coaching sessions as a complement to physical education or cricket clinic curricula.

This DVD is available for purchase at all Nigel Khan Bookstores braches nationwide, Sports and Games stores and Funky Photo Studios. “The Fundamentals” is also now available for online purchase on For further information or to place an order, please contact the Daren Ganga Foundation at (868) 653-5338/5135 or